Why M.A.M.A?

    Advantages to becoming a member in the association

  • Achieving a recognized para-professional standing in the health care field.

  • Assurance that your association is prepared to work with employers / educational institutions to support high standard of certification and continuing education.

  • Membership in an association that is working exclusively for your needs.

  • The right to participate in association functions including social activities and membership meetings.

  • Access to a website which will be an effective communication tool for all members.

  • The opportunity to participate actively in a very progressive para-professional association that promotes recognition of our responsibilities in the ever changing face of health care.

  • Promoting and establishing your para-professional, patient-oreianted designation to the public, unions, employers and other discipilines in the health care profession.

  • Coming soon!

    Establishing membership discounts with frequently used local and national businesses.

This new association is not a union. This organization is a non-profit association promoting medical assistants in the health care field.